knife1s.jpg (4125 bytes)

SRK1.Reproduction Soviet WW2 Fighting knives. These are made from
high quality carbon steel that can be sharpened and used as a regular knife.
They come complete with a metal tipped wooden scabbard with a leather strap. 
They are maker marked star with hammer and sickle. $49.95

shelter-half-2s.jpg (7469 bytes)

shelter-half-1s.jpg (7231 bytes)

14L.Soviet Army "Plash-palatka" rain cape/shelter halves
with LEATHER rings. Soviet dated.SOLD OUT

14M.Soviet Army "Plash-palatka" rain cape/shelter halves
with METAL rings. Soviet dated.$59.95

camo-shelter-half-1s.jpg (4806 bytes)

PLP1.Soviet Spring/Summer green and brown camouflage plash-palatka. $99.95

camo-shelter-half-2s.jpg (4625 bytes)

PLP2.Soviet Fall tan and brown camouflage plash-palatka. $99.95

blankets.jpg (2976 bytes)

SB1.Soviet wool blankets. Used,exc. SOLD OUT

RUCKSACK-S.jpg (5364 bytes)

15A.Soviet Army rucksacks.New,unissued.$18.95

sovrksks.jpg (36549 bytes)

15B.Reproduction WW2 Soviet Army rucksacks. SOLD OUT

canteens.jpg (1338 bytes)

22.Soviet Army canteens with khaki cloth cover.SOLD OUT

type-1-grenade-pouch.jpg (3440 bytes)
Type 1

type-2-grenade-pouch.jpg (3548 bytes)
Type 2

7.Soviet W.W.2 style 3 pocket grenade pouches.
      Most dated 1953. $20.00

spch1frs.jpg (45473 bytes)

spch1bks.jpg (37467 bytes)

SPCH1.Reproduction Soviet WW2 RGD-33 grenade pouches. $20.00

2pkts.jpg (2815 bytes)

8.Soviet W.W.2 two pocket grenade pouches. Unissued but old.$15.00

sovshvwcvrs.jpg (3528 bytes)

28B. Soviet straight handle shovel with world war 2
style canvas carrier. SOLD OUT

scvr1s.jpg (2919 bytes)scvr2s.jpg (2837 bytes)

SCVR1.Soviet WW2 style shovel carrier. $20.00

messtins.jpg (4652 bytes)

26.Soviet Army messtins. SOLD OUT

stp1s.jpg (3558 bytes)

STP1.Soviet cooking pots. About 4.5" high and
about 6.5" diameter. SOLD OUT

holster2s.jpg (3468 bytes)

3.Soviet brown leather Tokarev holsters. $20.00

nh1s.jpg (3555 bytes)

NH1.Reproduction Nagant leather holster with lanyard and cleaning rod. $45.00

nh2s.jpg (4033 bytes)

NH2.Reproduction Nagant leather holster with shoulder strap.
Cleaning rod included. sold out

ppsh41-pouch-front-s.jpg (4482 bytes)

ppsh41-pouch-back-s.jpg (4254 bytes)

FG29.Reproduction Soviet WW2 PPSH41 drum pouches. $19.95

ppshfrnts.jpg (3174 bytes)

ppshbcks.jpg (3140 bytes)

FG33.Soviet original post war PPSH 41 drum pouches. $20.00

spch2frs.jpg (36599 bytes)

spch2bks.jpg (47897 bytes)

SPCH2.Reproduction Soviet WW2 PPS 43 3-pocket magazine pouch. $20.00

spch3s.jpg (3832 bytes)

spch3bs.jpg (3666 bytes)

SPCH3.Soviet PPS 43 3-pocket magazine pouches. Green. SOLD OUT

spch4s.jpg (3208 bytes)

spch4bs.jpg (3495 bytes)

SPCH4.Soviet PPS 43 3-pocket magazine pouches.
Off white-light Khaki color.$20.00

black-nagant-pouchs.jpg (4041 bytes)

blk-nagant-pouch-backs.jpg (4116 bytes)

NP1.Reproduction Soviet WW2 black leather
Mosin Nagant pouches. $12.50

brown-nagant-pouch-front.jpg (4300 bytes)

NP2.Reproduction Soviet WW2 Soviet brown leather
Mosin Nagant rifle pouches. $12.50

nagantpouchs.jpg (4092 bytes)

NP3.Reproduction Soviet WW2 Brown genuine leather
Nagant pouches. Nice ! $24.95

np4fs.jpg (3890 bytes)

np4bs.jpg (3905 bytes)

NP4.Reproduction Soviet WW2 Black genuine leather
Nagant pouches. Nice ! $24.95

np5fs.jpg (3438 bytes)

np5bs.jpg (3331 bytes)

NP5.Reproduction Soviet WW2 White genuine leather
Nagant pouches. Nice ! $24.95

sbp1s.jpg (6008 bytes)

sbp2s.jpg (6215 bytes)

SBP1.Reproduction Soviet WW2 butt pack. WW2 Marked and dated.
Made in Ukraine. SOLD OUT

bandoliers.jpg (3762 bytes)

BND1.Soviet WW2 Reproduction bandolier with WW2 markings. SOLD OUT

bandolier2s.jpg (3842 bytes)

BND2.Soviet WW2 Reproduction bandolier with WW2 markings. SOON

bag1s.jpg (3626 bytes)

BBG1.Soviet WW2 reproduction bread bag with WW2 markings. SOON

MEDIC-BAG-S.jpg (7243 bytes)

SMB1.Soviet Medic bags. These are maker marked on the inside.
Made in Ukraine. $34.95

gas-mask-bag-s.jpg (6936 bytes)

SGMB1.Soviet gas mask bags. Maker marked. Made in Ukraine.
Type 1. SOLD OUT

gmb2s.jpg (3397 bytes)

SGMB2.Soviet gas mask bags. Maker marked. Made in Ukraine.
Type 2. $24.95

SMC1.Soviet WW2 style NCO mapcase. $20.00

SMC2.Soviet WW2 style officer mapcase. SOLD OUT

slg1s.jpg (26768 bytes)

SL1.WW2 Soviet M91 Mosin Nagant canvas slings. $19.95 (pictured)
SL2.Soviet leather Mosin Nagant carbine slings. $15.95

winter-gloves-s.jpg (3864 bytes)

25.Russian Army black wool winter gloves.Unissued. SOLD OUT

sov-brwn-gloves-s.jpg (3177 bytes)

SGLV2.Soviet Brown wool winter gloves. Unissued. SOLD OUT


sov-belt-2-s.jpg (4901 bytes)

RSB1.Reproduction Soviet WW2 leather belts. Available up to size 46" waist. SOLD OUT

belts.jpg (2947 bytes)

RSB3.Reproduction Soviet WW2 web belts. These are stamped
and dated just like the originals. SOLD OUT

rsb2s.jpg (3831 bytes)

RSB2.Reproduction Soviet WW2 officer belts with cut out star buckle and cross strap. SOLD OUT

SB5.Soviet Naval infantry black LEATHER belts with brass buckle. $25.00


30.Portyanki foot wraps. Summer. 100% cotton.Size 45 x 70 cm. $5.00 pair
31.Portyanki foot wraps. Winter. Cotton-wool blend. $7.00 pair

putteess.jpg (3851 bytes)

SLW1.Soviet WW2 wool puttee's. $24.95 pr

EMNCOBOOTSS.jpg (5855 bytes)

1.Soviet enlisted-NCO half leather black combat boots.Pull-on type without laces.
About16-17" high.Soles nailed to bottom of boot.The lower part of the boot is leather.
The upper portion of the boot is imitation leather.Photo of sole.Available in size's  
300 (46) (13 US),  Unissued. SOLD OUT

fieldboot1s.jpg (1777 bytes)

2.Soviet officer field boots.Pull on type without laces.All leather with rubber
soles. Available in sizes 41 (US 8), 42 (US 9). $150.00

winter-boots-s.jpg (3673 bytes)

SWB1.Soviet Valenki winter boots.
Available in size 40 (7 US), 41 (8 US), 42 (9 US), 43 (10 US),
44 (11 US), 45 (12 US), 46 (13 US) $49.95

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