m15a4.jpg (8004 bytes)

M15A4.Classic Army. $309.95
  • Easy Disassembly metal body

      - With laser 'Armalite' real gun logo, and
      -Serial number

  • Hi-cap magazine (300 Rd)
  • New steel gears
  • Reinforced slip ring
  • 6mm oily steel bushing gear box
  • Nylon & glass fiber hand grip, hand guard
  • Metallic hop-up chamber & new hop-up rubber
  • High torque motor

ca33.jpg (6478 bytes)

CA33E.Classic Army. $309.95
  • High torque motor
  • Metal spring guide
  • Hi-cap magazine (330Rd)
  • Easily attachable metal body
  • 6mm oily steel bushing gear box
  • Compatible with different scopes
  • Metallic hop up chamber & new hop up rubber
  • Aluminium flash hider & one piece outer barrel
  • Metal body & metal front cocking tube assembly

ak74.jpg (5877 bytes)

SLR105A1. $309.95
  • Steel Flash Hider
  • Aluminium Metal Frame
  • High Performance Motor
  • 8.4V Large Battery can be used
  • 7mm Oily Steel Bushing Gear Box
  • Real Gun Logo With Unique Serial Number
  • Glass Fiber For Hand Grip, Hand Guard and Stock
  • Hi-Cap Magazine (500 Rd)

mp5.jpg (8531 bytes)

MP5A2. $305.00
  • Full metal body
  • Metal front set
  • Hi-cap magazine (200 Rd)
  • New Design Hop Up System
  • Quick Disassembly Metal Body
  • Flashlight fore grip with 6V light bulb
  • Movable Cocking Lever and Bolt Cover
  • Real Gun Logo with Uniqne Serial Number

batterys.jpg (2223 bytes)

8.4Volt large battery
  Battery charger. 9 Volt 500 mah
  6mm pellets. .2 gram , 3800 per bag.

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Removal of any warning stickers or any protective markings, such as the 10 mm blaze orange tip will violate federal law
and store warranty. Furthermore, federal law states that the use of any look-alike, toy gun in a crime carries the full
ramifications of a real firearm.
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